Abolition of customs duties on Industrial Products

A new deal for e-commerce in Switzerland : Abolition of customs duties on Industrial Products Starting from January 1, 2024, e-commerce in Switzerland will undergo a profound transformation with the elimination of customs duties on most industrial products. This decision is part of a broader initiative aimed at increasing Swiss competitiveness by removing obstacles to […]

Exporters on the alert to Global Politics

Exporters on the alert to Global Politics In this new year, exporters find themselves facing a global situation that demands increased vigilance. Recent studies all point to the same reality: the slowdown in growth persists. Unfortunately, geopolitical tensions are escalating, with conflicts such as the one between Israel and Hamas adding to existing crises like […]

Change for consumers : New rules and transparency


Changes for consumers : New Rules and Transparency In 2024, consumers will face significant changes in their shopping experience and protection, as measures are implemented to enhance information, security, and sustainability. Enhanced Protection on Online Marketplaces: Starting from February 17, 2024, new standards will require online marketplaces to strengthen their transparency. Under the European Digital […]

2024 forecasts for the Shipping market

2024 forecasts for the Shipping market In recent days, maritime news has been affected by various announcements, including those regarding the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the new alternative route to the Suez Canal. Indeed, the EU is stepping up its efforts against climate change. Starting from January 1, 2024, maritime emissions will be subject […]

AI and cognitive technologies to adapt the supply chain


Using AI and cognitive technologies to adapt the supply chain Increasing disruptions in the supply chain have highlighted the need for companies to develop new capacities for anticipation and adaptation. Fortunately, technological advances such as predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) offer solutions for detecting potential difficulties and managing risks. AI plays an […]

Amazon reinvents its supply chain thanks to Artificial Intelligence


Amazon reinvents its supply chain thanks to Artificial Intelligence Amazon, the e-commerce giant, continues its quest for efficiency and profitability by announcing its intention to further shorten delivery times. To achieve this, the company is relying on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize its supply chain. For many years, Amazon has integrated AI […]

Customs Union reform project

customs union

Customs union reform project : Where do things stand? The European Commission has recently proposed a significant reform of the European Union Customs Union to enable customs authorities to address new challenges, particularly those related to e-commerce. This reform aims to strengthen European customs governance, adopt an updated approach to data management, and establish specific […]

Heath and food quality transferred to customs

health and food

Health and food quality controls transferred to customs In order to facilitate the movement of goods across borders and improve the transparency of government activities, particularly for port operators, certain control tasks that were previously carried out by the DGCCRF (General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) have gradually been entrusted to the […]

Counterfeiting : a real danger for economy


Counterfeiting: a real danger for consumers and the economy World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, celebrated on June 7, 2023, sheds light on a phenomenon that poses a real danger to consumers. Contrary to popular belief, counterfeiting is not limited to luxury brands but also affects small businesses in various sectors. It is important to highlight the true […]

RFID technlology and supply chain

supply chain

Can the supply chain be helped by RFID technology? The changes brought about by the pandemic go far beyond work habits and social interactions. While online shopping was already gaining in popularity, home isolation guidelines have forced sceptics to take the plunge. Even if physical shops reopen, it is unlikely that the growth trend in […]