The digitalization of the Supply Chain in 2022

THE DIGITALIZATION OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN IN 2022 The awareness of the need to digitalize the Supply Chain is not a new phenomenon. However, the Covid-19 crisis acted as an electroshock in this regard, as it shook the supply chain of companies (shortages, inflation, transport difficulties, change in demand, lockdowns, etc…). Thus, a study by […]


THE DIGITAL MARKETS ACT : NORMS REVOLUTION & FREE COMPETITION Last March 24th, the European Commission approved the establishment of the Digital Markets Act. After less than 1,5 years of negotiations, it is a feat of efficiency for Europe, usually criticized for its slowness. This text provides a strict regulation of “gatekeepers”, for free competition. […]

Innovation for the benefits of ecology in transport


INNOVATION AND COMMON SENSE FOR THE BENEFITS OF ECOLOGY IN TRANSPORT According to the International Energy Agency, the transport sector was accountable for 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2018. With the climate emergency and the alarming reports of the IPCC, it is time for the companies of the sector to adapt. […]

Russia faced with sanctions

UPDATE ON THE WAR IN UKRAINE: RUSSIA FACED WITH SANCTIONS Since February 24, 2022, Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in a major conflict, the first in Europe since the Balkan War in the 1990s. Indignant, the Western world has taken a series of sanctions against Moscow, in what measure the country of Peter the […]

Customs Bridge, winner of the start-up contest

laureat start-up

CUSTOMS BRIDGE WINNER OF START-UP CONTEST 2022 Customs Bridge won the Start-Up Contest 2022 trophy at SITL, the Transport and Logistics Innovation Week, for its AI-based solution that simplifies customs declaration. With a pitch formula extended to 5 minutes, compared to only 2 minutes in previous years, the SITL Start-Up Contest allowed the six candidate-finalists […]