Regulatory monitoring by CB

Three Steps Ahead - Relevant Customs Information

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Have you ever missed a key piece of information that could have an impact on the clearance of your goods?

Have you ever had the impression that you were wasting your time by reading superfluous documentation during your regulatory watch?

Would you like to be alerted only on information that concerns you?


Regulatory monitoring by CB is a unique and exclusive service that gives you access to all the latest developments in customs regulations in real time. Our solution accompanies you on a daily basis and offers you continuous and personalized information to enable you to master all aspects of regulatory developments.


Don't waste your time manually monitoring the market, perhaps forgetting a key piece of information for your business! Access simple and practical technical information and anticipate international regulatory changes. Alert, decipher... anticipate!



Thanks to our solution, which carries out an exhaustive regulatory watch, don't miss any information that is crucial for your customs clearance!


With our Regulatory monitoring by CB solution, you can select the elements to be monitored yourself, in a targeted manner.

Audit by CB


Regulatory monitoring by CB has a high granularity that allows you to monitor any newly available measure according to your selection criteria.

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All this happens in real time! Notifications of changes to the monitored measurements are issued and transmitted to you on the communication channel you prefer.

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