New contours for customs inspection rights

Compliance legislation : New contours for customs inspection rights The government has recently presented a bill aimed at reforming customs search powers following a decision by the Constitutional Council in September 2022. This decision declared Article 60 of the Customs Code unconstitutional, which allowed customs officers to conduct searches of goods, means of transport, and […]

New EU legislation against deforestation

New EU legislation against deforestation To combat climate change and biodiversity loss, the European Union has implemented new regulations regarding the importation of products such as livestock, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, soy, and timber, as well as products containing or made from these goods. Companies must ensure that their suppliers do not originate from deforested […]

Stock accounting : an essential tool

Stock accounting : an essential tool for customs compliance This is a key element in stock management for importing and exporting companies. It allows for accurate tracking of movements of raw materials and finished products and ensures compliance with customs requirements regarding declarations and payment of duties and taxes. For customs directors, it is an […]

Reorgazisation of the AML-CFT

Reorganization of the AML/CFT supervision : Customs is at the helm The Directorate General of Customs and Indirect Taxation (DGCIT) published in April information on the reorganization of the AML/CFT supervision activity (Fight against money laundering and terrorist financing). This reorganization, carried out by the National Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation (DNRED), aims to […]

Redesign of the form for EORI-SIREN

Redesign of the forms for the implementation of EORI-SIREN Currently, customs declarations in France are made using a 14-digit EORI-SIRET number (for an establishment). However, EU regulations require the use of a nine-digit EORI-SIREN number for a legal entity, as one SIREN can cover several establishments. As part of the redesign of the Soprano online […]

Brexit : New customs rules for EU

Brexit: New customs rules for EU goods Following post-Brexit delays of over two years, the UK has announced its intention to introduce a lighter set of customs rules for goods from the EU later this year. In a proposal published on Wednesday 5 April, the UK government said the new regime would introduce a trusted […]

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