Customs classification: US/EU differences

Customs classification: US/EU differences There are many differences between Europe and the United States, and not just currency. They don’t always agree about customs either, especially about customs classification. The American classification In addition to not adopting the metric system, the Americans have a different customs classification than ours. Sometimes the differences are considerable as […]

The tomato: a fruit or a vegetable?

The tomato: a fruit or a vegetable? Pain au chocolat or chocolatine? Milk before or after cereals? To these long-lasting dilemmas we add the tomato, a fruit or a vegetable?   To better understand this dilemma, we will first distinguish between culinary and botanical classification. In the kitchen, the classification system for fruits and vegetables […]

Tariff engineering

Tariff engineering Some industries and companies get a head start on administrative barriers by tailoring their products to the relevant tariffs, which is known as “tariff engineering.” Tariff engineering involves modifying products so that tariff benefits, such as a reduced rate, apply at the time of import. Unlike tariff evasion, tariff engineering focuses on understanding […]

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