Dual-use goods, what are they?

Dual-use goods, what are they? Most industrialized countries have established export control policies for dual-use goods and technologies to combat the availability of means of mass destruction and the proliferation of conventional weapons. These measures allow them to remain responsive to international requirements for the dissemination of products and services that may have both civilian […]

Customs fraud and new technology

New technologies to fight against customs fraud Customs fraud is a major problem that has a significant impact on the global economy. According to estimates by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it accounts for nearly 3.3% of world trade, or about $500 billion per year. They can take many forms, such as […]

Toward a better geographical traceability of textiles

Towards a better geographical traceability of textiles In today’s fashion industry, the label is an essential part of the customer journey. Labels sewn or attached to garments are a powerful communication tool, providing information about your brand identity, marketing and safety regulations. Since the AGEC law, new regulations will impact this provision from January 1, […]

ChatGPT, the AI whiwh knows everything..or almost

ChatGPT, the AI which knows everything…or almost Artificial intelligence (AI) is exciting, not only because of its unlimited potential and the future it holds, but also because it raises so many questions and debates. Its continued and increased adoption is propelling it into the heart of many organizations around the world: automotive, healthcare, security, supplychain, […]

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