Who are we?

Our story

Our story was born from a simple observation: The management of customs operations is at the crossroads of several sectors (supply chain, sales service…) which makes it difficult to understand.

Olivier Martinot, logistics expert and customs transport leader at Adeo, made the observation in June 2019. According to him, the execution of customs formalities can be a source of complications. Every mistake made with regard to the formalities to be carried out can lead to time-consuming complexities for both the administration and the users.

The solution? To create a single tool centralizing all the necessary regulatory information with the objective of simplifying and improving the efficiency of customs clearance procedures.

In August 2019, this project will be integrated into the Alacrité France support program (public-private incubator) aimed at supporting a promising technology startup.
In October 2020, Customs Bridge is officially born with its co-founders:

Loïc Poisot

Charles Devaux
Sales director

Dr. Hamza Saouli
Innovations director

Our activity

At Customs Bridge, we develop, thanks to new technologies and artificial intelligence, the customs solutions of tomorrow in order to simplify the conformity, but also the operational of all the companies confronted with the customs problematic.

Our solution is an application in SaaS mode which allows international trade operators to benefit from a decision support system allowing them to master the financial and regulatory stakes induced by customs formalities.

A classification tool for faster and more reassuring customs classification

An audit to review your classification history and detect errors and anomalies

A regulatory monitoring to anticipate future regulatory changes.

Our values


Even if our solution uses artificial intelligence, at Customs Bridge, the emphasis is on people:
Cohesion, conviviality and the group.
We place the human being at the center of our solution by favoring direct contact with our customers.

We like to put individual talents at the service of the collective and rely on partners and experts in order to best respond to the problems of the sector.

Because our objective is to give the best in our work, we have at heart to propose a unique, innovative and powerful solution. But also to question the uses to define the standards of tomorrow.

Creating a relationship based on mutual trust is essential. This is why we attach great importance to proximity, commitment and transparency in all our actions.