Russia faced with sanctions

UPDATE ON THE WAR IN UKRAINE: RUSSIA FACED WITH SANCTIONS Since February 24, 2022, Russia and Ukraine have been engaged in a major conflict, the first in Europe since the Balkan War in the 1990s. Indignant, the Western world has taken a series of sanctions against Moscow, in what measure the country of Peter the […]

Customs monitoring april 2022


FOCUS ON THE OVERHAUL OF CUSTOMS IT SYSTEMS : NEW DELTA IE Following the implementation of the EU Customs Code (UCC) on May 1ᵉʳ, 2016, French Customs is working on an overhaul of the Customs IT systems in order to centralize the customs clearance process at the European level. Indeed, with this overhaul of the […]

Customs monitoring : March 2022

CUSTOMS MONITORING / MARCH 2022 New anti-dumping duty on specified iron or steel fasteners As a result of the investigation and registration of imports of some iron or steel fasteners, apart from of stainless steel, originating in CHINA (investigation of June 18, 2021), a definitive anti-dumping duty was imposed on certain such fasteners. The definitive […]

Focus on “Made in France” marking products, which regulations should be applied?

FOCUS ON “MADE IN FRANCE” MARKING, WHICH REGULATION SHOULD BE APPLIED ? The marking “Made in France” is a mention, a mark of origin, that manufacturers can add on their goods to attest its French origin. This mention is optional for products manufactured in Europe, however some products are exceptions such as agricultural products, food, […]

Covid-19: a bargain for the shipping giants?

THE COVID-19 CRISIS: A BARGAIN FOR THE OCEAN FREIGHT GIANTS, AND THEN WHAT? Despite the disruption of world trade by the Covid-19 crisis, the shipping companies have paradoxically recorded unprecedented economic performance, the figures are mind-boggling. The Danish A.P. Moller-Maersk, for example, has multiplied its turnover by ten in 2021 and this has not prevented […]

New strategic alliance for tomorrow’s customs

SOGET and Customs Bridge have joined forces to develop the Customs tools of the future and are pleased to share with you the birth of OKIDUTY, the new version of SOGET Customs, developed using innovative technologies. SOGET develops and markets software dedicated to international trade and Customs, with the SOGET Customs portal. Nearly 40 years […]

Should France turn its ports into free zones?

Should France turn its ports into free zones ? While the United Kingdom intends to multiply its free port zones to become a maritime hub and Europe is lagging behind in this area, should France opt for a similar strategy? What is a free port zone? It is relatively complex to define this term as […]

Supply Chain facing the challenge of cybersecurity

The Supply Chain facing the challenge of cybersecurity In 2020, more than one out of two companies would have been the victim of a cyber-attack, according to the Club of Experts in Information and Digital Security. This threat affects all companies, whatever their size is, and particularly the Supply Chain, often considered as the weak […]

Accelerating the digital transition for customs

Accelerating the digital transformation for customs On January 26, the World Customs Organization inaugurated the International Customs Day on the theme of “accelerating digital transformation”. So, what is the place of digital in today’s customs, and what will be its place in tomorrow’s customs? Despite its greying image, customs is increasingly equipped with powerful digital […]

The EU’s new initiative on customs risk management

The EU's new initiative

The EU’s new initiative on customs risk management The new EU customs risk management initiative was put out for consultation on October 5, 2021 and is expected to be adopted by the Commission in the first quarter of 2022. This is one of the fastest initiatives given the time between the consultation process and the […]