Trade agreements in international strategy

Trade agreements

Trade agreements, a mine of opportunities for business? France is one of the most important players in international trade, with more than 120 000 exporting companies. To facilitate this trade, the European Union has developed a network of trade agreements with other countries. Trade agreements aim to facilitate trade, notably by reducing or eliminating customs […]

Focus on ICS 2


ICS2 and the transition to a new system system of import controls ICS is the acronym for Import Control System, a European computer application set up to enable operators importing goods into the European Union to fulfil their safety and security obligations. This initiative was taken by the European Union after the attacks of 11 […]

Conversational robots war

conversational robot

THE WAR OF THE CONVERSATIONAL ROBOTS IS ON THE MOVE Google announced in early February the launch of Bard, a conversational robot designed to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This will also allow the multinational to extend the capabilities of its search engine through AI. Bard is powered by Google’s LaMDA language model and aims to combine […]

Dual-use goods, what are they?

Dual-use goods, what are they? Most industrialized countries have established export control policies for dual-use goods and technologies to combat the availability of means of mass destruction and the proliferation of conventional weapons. These measures allow them to remain responsive to international requirements for the dissemination of products and services that may have both civilian […]

AI in regtech: the possibilities in customs

AI in regtech: the possibilities in customs International trade is the lifeblood of the global economy. It is not only essential to the day-to-day operations of businesses, governments, and NGOs around the world, it also has the power to grow economies, increase productivity and transform the quality of life of citizens. The value of international […]

Toward a better geographical traceability of textiles

traceability of textiles

Towards a better geographical traceability of textiles In today’s fashion industry, the label is an essential part of the customer journey. Labels sewn or attached to garments are a powerful communication tool, providing information about your brand identity, marketing and safety regulations. Since the AGEC law, new regulations will impact this provision from January 1, […]

ChatGPT, the AI whiwh knows everything..or almost

ChatGPT, the AI which knows everything…or almost Artificial intelligence (AI) is exciting, not only because of its unlimited potential and the future it holds, but also because it raises so many questions and debates. Its continued and increased adoption is propelling it into the heart of many organizations around the world: automotive, healthcare, security, supplychain, […]

Holiday season, Beware of scams

Holiday season, Beware of scams Black Friday, Cyber monday and the end of the year holidays are as many opportunities to make online purchases as they are for hackers to perfect their scamming techniques. In fact, November and December are the months most prone to cyberattacks and represent a quarter of the scams committed during […]


THE ROLE OF THE GDCCFC IN THE CONTROL OF WINES AND LIQUORS The reputation of French wine rightly assures French and foreign consumers that the products put on the market comply with the specific rules of the industry. This is why the entire production chain, up to distribution, is controlled several times a year by […]


Santa claus is stuck in Customs As the first snowflakes begin to whiten the tops of the mountains, Santa Claus, impatient to begin his tour, has already left Lapland. While he was pacing the skies on his big sleigh filled with gifts, he was stopped by the Airborne Surveillance Brigade of flying machines. “Oh, no, […]