New step towards Binding Value Information

New step towards Binding Value Information On September 13, the French Customs issued its first customs valuation adjustment authorization for several Member States. A desire to strengthen the Customs Union on a “sensitive” subject. Indeed, the Binding Value Information does not exist at the European level (contrary to the origin/RCO and tariff classification/RTC parameters). Thus, […]

Understanding the Incoterms

Understand the Basics of Incoterms Applied for the first time in 1936, the International Commercial Terms are a codified set of standard contractual provisions relating to the transport of goods. They are essential to know in the context of an import-export operation. The Incoterms rules were created on the initiative of the International Chamber of […]

Exporting to Russia, a real logistical headache

Exporting to Russia, a real logistical headache Since the beginning of the conflict, the European Union has imposed a series of sanctions against Russia in response to its military aggression against Ukraine. Between European sanctions and Russian countermeasures to avoid shortages, exports to Russia are becoming particularly complicated. As the European Union prepares to vote […]

Customs, a vector of security for international trade

la douane, vecteur de sécurité

Customs, a vector of security for international trade Considered in a context of trade globalization as a survival of a time when States were defined by their topographic limits, lived in a closed field of borders, and in any case as an “impediment to trade in circles”, the Customs are finding a topicality that few […]

History of the customs administration and the arrival of the delta IE system

administration des douanes

History of the customs administration and the arrival of the delta IE system As you know, the accuracy of customs declarations is a concern for the Customs Administration. Constantly on the lookout to develop trade, ensure the speed and reliability of customs clearance operations and the collection of statistics. In 1974, a computer system for […]

Digitization of customs clearance: where do we stand?


Digitization of customs clearance: where do we stand? Customs has become much more digital recently. Many countries have created digital portals to avoid sending and filing paper documents. Declarations for e-commerce and individuals are often automated, requiring little or no action from the declarant. But what about international trade? Given the number of stakeholders in […]

Benin accelerates the digital transition of its customs


BENIN ACCELERATES THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF ITS CUSTOMS It is no longer a secret that digital transformation is a crucial step towards a much more efficient customs system. The question is rather which path to take to get there. We will see that Artificial Intelligence-based solutions are one of the most reliable options. Since 2016, […]

How to calculate the customs value of a good ?


HOW DO I CALCULATE THE CUSTOMS VALUE OF MY GOODS? If you are exporting or importing goods, you need to know one fundamental concept: the customs value. The customs value, the tariff species and the origin of the goods are the three pillars of customs and allow calculating the import duties. The customs nomenclature: code […]

Your July Customs monitoring

customs monitoring

BREXIT – MOVING FROM CHIEF TO CDS IN THE UK The UK customs clearance system “CHIEF” will become “CDS” as of April 2023. For UK import transactions (from 1ᵉʳ October and 1ᵉʳ April for export transactions, the Customs Declaration Services (CDS) system will be required. Quick reminder: currently, goods are identified for border control using […]

The industrialization of Eastern Europe lead to a regionalization of the European economy?


CAN THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF EASTERN EUROPE LEAD TO A REGIONALIZATION OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMY? With the return of war to Europe, shortages and with the explosion of raw material stocks, the concept of strategic autonomy is on everyone’s lips. For several decades now, globalization has internationalized the production of companies and many of them are […]