The Supply Chain facing the challenge of cybersecurity

In 2020, more than one out of two companies would have been the victim of a cyber-attack, according to the Club of Experts in Information and Digital Security. This threat affects all companies, whatever their size is, and particularly the Supply Chain, often considered as the weak point of these companies.

If, now, all companies are connected for efficiency reasons, this presence on the web also makes them vulnerable. Theft of information and paralysis of systems are extremely lucrative, and it has become more necessary than ever for all companies to defend themselves against these threats.

For hackers, the supply chain offers several advantages:

First, it is often poorly protected, although being vital for companies. Moreover, the Supply Chain is the link between several companies; by penetrating a single system, the hacker can obtain information on several of them at the same time.

Finally, the supply chain is a complex segment of a company’s functioning which assumes numerous shapes, and therefore numerous breaches for hackers.

Whether we’re talking about a shipping giant like CMA CGM or a pipeline oil importer like Colonial Pipeline, all forms of supplies are victims of costly cyber-attacks at some point. Supply is multiple, and as a result all the more vulnerable.

Hence, the Supply Chain is reacting today, facing this growing threat. This adaptation is done first on a human scale, as usually, it is the individuals who are the source of the digital flaws. Thus, in the era of telecommuting, companies are increasingly acting to educate and train their employees on these contemporary issues.

Meanwhile, some schools are introducing courses to train their students on these challenges. At the corporate level, experts called “ethical hackers” are often hired to detect system flaws. Finally, organizations like France Cyber Maritime are emerging to protect our territories and our information.

If its use has been democratized, companies are still not so familiar with the Internet. It is up to them to protect themselves against the dangers of this space.