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Easy customs

How can Artificial Intelligence help you optimizing your customs clearance procedures ?

How can you meet all of your customs declaration obligations with a constantly evolving compliance?

How can customs classification help you increase your benefits and reduce your risks ?

At Customs Bridge,we use new technologies to develop innovative solutions enabling you to meet your financial and compliance challenges related to customs clearance procedures.

Bobby Classification : mascotte de Customs Bridge debout sur une piste de livres, mains levées, un ordinateur dans la main


By Customs Bridge

What if you could safely classify your goods in just a few minutes ? 

A full set of aggregated data

A text-based search engine

All European BTIs translated

Bobby Audit base : mascotte de Customs Bridge une main dans le dos et munie d'une loupe regardant sur une pile de livre dont le dernier est ouvert


By Customs Bridge

Would you be confident if tomorrow the customs administration were to inspect your customs classification record?

The CB audit informs you of any possible errors or other irregularities and suggests you to rectify them in advance to avoid sanctions. 



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