HS 2022: changes and novelties

The Harmonized System (HS) nomenclature is the basis for customs tariffs and trade statistics in 211 countries. It classifies imports into more than 5,000 commodity groups, identified worldwide by a six-digit code. On January 1, 2022, the 7th edition of the HS will come into effect. The program will include significant changes and more than 350 new entries on multiple commodities.


The HS as the backbone of customs


The HS 2022 is designed to adapt to new trends in world trade by taking into account new product flows, innovations as well as environmental and social issues in order to obtain more visibility in trade statistics. Some product categories of high policy concern and high trade value have been given new classification provisions to clarify or simplify them. This includes e-waste, tobacco products and drones. Smartphones will also get their own subheading and explanatory notes. These changes are intended to better represent technological advances to address classification difficulties that confuse trade statistics for the industries involved. There are also measures related to security and counter-terrorism, particularly on dual-use items that can be diverted such as detonators. In addition, the 2022 edition of the HS introduces new subheadings for narcotic chemicals and certain gases under and/or at the request of various conventions and organizations (CAC, Rotterdam Convention, INCB, Montreal Protocol, etc.).



January 2022 is fast approaching and there is still a lot of work to be done at the WCO, country, and regional levels to implement the new edition of the HS on schedule. The WCO is currently working on updating HS publications such as the Explanatory Notes, Classification Opinions, Alphabetical Index and the HS Online Database. Customs administrations and regional economic communities are therefore encouraged to begin the process of preparing for the implementation of HS 2022 in their national tariff or statistical classifications. The WCO will intensify its capacity building efforts to assist members in their implementation.

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