Artificial Intelligence and human being

Artificial intelligence consists today in the implementation of algorithms that learn from data and improve over time.

Collaborative AI

Collaboration requires humans and the AI system to work together as partners to achieve a common goal.

This collaboration is a particular kind of coordination in which the respective human and artificial partners work together. They rely on a common understanding of each other’s abilities, goals and current understanding.

It thus makes it easy to harmonize the process between the massive data treatment made by AI and the decision making by the human being who, in addition, is aware of the context he is taking into consideration.

AI at the service of the human being

AI can perform time-consuming and tedious tasks that do not particularly require human expertise. The human being can then concentrate on more complex issues where decision making is a combination of expertise and feeling.

Indeed, artificial intelligence engine excels in massive data processing and data linking. On the other hand, it cannot understand the context or extrapolate beyond what it has learned.

This is where humans must intervene to ensure the consistency in the results. The human being maintains his role as an expert and thus the principal role.