The potential of blockchain in customs

The potential of blockchain in customs Nowadays, the importance of our data is crucial, between security and confidentiality, our data have a priceless value. To those problems, the technology of “blockchain” try to provide a solution. Secutiry, immutability, traceability and automation, those are the words being used to talk about the blockchain. It can apply […]

AI becomes the heart of a new flow management system

L'IA au cœur d'un nouveau système de gestion de flux une des problématiques pour les entreprises dans l’approvisionnement de marchandises est la fluidité de la circulation au sein des ports système de frontière intelligente suite au Brexit smart C hausse de 5% par an de son trafic portuaire basé sur l’intelligence artificielle procédures de dédouanement ci est permis grâce aux nouvelles technologies basées sur la coordination et la fusion d’informations simultanées en provenance de plusieurs capteurs placés dans un espace 3Dpermettant de contrôler et de gérer les flux de véhicules le long de la route.

AI becomes the heart of a new flow management system One of the major issues for companies and authorities in goods supply is the traffic fluidity within the ports. Authorities are constantly trying to innovate and improve it such as the smart border system mentioned in our issue 13 of Trade Observer and installed after […]

Artificial Intelligence and human being

Artificial Intelligence and human being Artificial intelligence consists today in the implementation of algorithms that learn from data and improve over time. Collaborative AI Collaboration requires humans and the AI system to work together as partners to achieve a common goal. This collaboration is a particular kind of coordination in which the respective human and […]

Build a startup IT infrastructure

Lately, as CEO of Customs Bridge, with the arrival of 5 new teammates I had to rethink the way we work, and especially the tools we use. For a small team, it’s easy to survive here and there with trello, discord, dropbox. But when you really kickoff🚀, you want an integrated solution that can scale. […]