Conversational robots war

conversational robot

THE WAR OF THE CONVERSATIONAL ROBOTS IS ON THE MOVE Google announced in early February the launch of Bard, a conversational robot designed to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This will also allow the multinational to extend the capabilities of its search engine through AI. Bard is powered by Google’s LaMDA language model and aims to combine […]

Customs fraud and new technology

customs fraud

New technologies to fight against customs fraud Customs fraud is a major problem that has a significant impact on the global economy. According to estimates by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it accounts for nearly 3.3% of world trade, or about $500 billion per year. They can take many forms, such as […]

RFID technlology and supply chain

supply chain

Can the supply chain be helped by RFID technology? The changes brought about by the pandemic go far beyond work habits and social interactions. While online shopping was already gaining in popularity, home isolation guidelines have forced sceptics to take the plunge. Even if physical shops reopen, it is unlikely that the growth trend in […]

ChatGPT, the AI whiwh knows everything..or almost

ChatGPT, the AI which knows everything…or almost Artificial intelligence (AI) is exciting, not only because of its unlimited potential and the future it holds, but also because it raises so many questions and debates. Its continued and increased adoption is propelling it into the heart of many organizations around the world: automotive, healthcare, security, supplychain, […]

Holiday season, Beware of scams

Holiday season, Beware of scams Black Friday, Cyber monday and the end of the year holidays are as many opportunities to make online purchases as they are for hackers to perfect their scamming techniques. In fact, November and December are the months most prone to cyberattacks and represent a quarter of the scams committed during […]

Artificial intelligence & cybersecurity: benefit or threat?


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & CYBERSECURITY: BENEFIT OR THREAT? Cyberattacks targeting businesses, large and small, are made public almost weekly. The number of these attacks has exploded since 2019, and flexible and remote working options have not made things any better. Since the pandemic, nearly every business has been forced to open up their networks and systems […]

A metaverse, the sector of future

METAVERSE : A SECTOR OF FUTURE Estimated at 4,460 billion euros in 2019, the global digital market continues to develop: in 2022, it is expected to grow by 7.1%. This sector, which is the present and future of our societies, is the mother of the largest global companies such as Alphabet, Tencent, Microsoft, Meta or […]


THE DIGITAL MARKETS ACT : NORMS REVOLUTION & FREE COMPETITION Last March 24th, the European Commission approved the establishment of the Digital Markets Act. After less than 1,5 years of negotiations, it is a feat of efficiency for Europe, usually criticized for its slowness. This text provides a strict regulation of “gatekeepers”, for free competition. […]

Can a company do without AI in 2022 ?


CAN A COMPANY DO WITHOUT AI IN 2022 ? In 2020, 75% of European, American and Chinese companies were already using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and this figure could well reach 100% in the coming years. Today, AI is profoundly changing the way companies operate by developing in all sectors. Indeed, today AI touches, in addition […]

Ambitions of the presidential candidates in the digital sector

election presidentielle

THE AMBITIONS OF THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES IN THE DIGITAL SECTOR On April 10 and 24, the two rounds of the 2022 presidential elections will take place, and in the face of the growing importance of digital issues, the candidates are proclaiming the need to build “French digital sovereignty”. Despite their animosity and their criticism of […]