Artificial intelligence & cybersecurity: benefit or threat?


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & CYBERSECURITY: BENEFIT OR THREAT? Cyberattacks targeting businesses, large and small, are made public almost weekly. The number of these attacks has exploded since 2019, and flexible and remote working options have not made things any better. Since the pandemic, nearly every business has been forced to open up their networks and systems […]

A metaverse, the sector of future

METAVERSE : A SECTOR OF FUTURE Estimated at 4,460 billion euros in 2019, the global digital market continues to develop: in 2022, it is expected to grow by 7.1%. This sector, which is the present and future of our societies, is the mother of the largest global companies such as Alphabet, Tencent, Microsoft, Meta or […]


THE DIGITAL MARKETS ACT : NORMS REVOLUTION & FREE COMPETITION Last March 24th, the European Commission approved the establishment of the Digital Markets Act. After less than 1,5 years of negotiations, it is a feat of efficiency for Europe, usually criticized for its slowness. This text provides a strict regulation of “gatekeepers”, for free competition. […]

Can a company do without AI in 2022 ?


CAN A COMPANY DO WITHOUT AI IN 2022 ? In 2020, 75% of European, American and Chinese companies were already using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and this figure could well reach 100% in the coming years. Today, AI is profoundly changing the way companies operate by developing in all sectors. Indeed, today AI touches, in addition […]

Ambitions of the presidential candidates in the digital sector

election presidentielle

THE AMBITIONS OF THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES IN THE DIGITAL SECTOR On April 10 and 24, the two rounds of the 2022 presidential elections will take place, and in the face of the growing importance of digital issues, the candidates are proclaiming the need to build “French digital sovereignty”. Despite their animosity and their criticism of […]

ETL, those tools at your data’s service


ETL, those tools at your data’s service It is no longer a surprise that words like “Big Data” or “Artificial Intelligence” have become part of everyday language and that companies specializing in the processing of specific data on a very large scale (logistics, biology, trading, etc.) are multiplying. As you know, data is a gold […]

Supply Chain facing the challenge of cybersecurity

The Supply Chain facing the challenge of cybersecurity In 2020, more than one out of two companies would have been the victim of a cyber-attack, according to the Club of Experts in Information and Digital Security. This threat affects all companies, whatever their size is, and particularly the Supply Chain, often considered as the weak […]

Accelerating the digital transition for customs

Accelerating the digital transformation for customs On January 26, the World Customs Organization inaugurated the International Customs Day on the theme of “accelerating digital transformation”. So, what is the place of digital in today’s customs, and what will be its place in tomorrow’s customs? Despite its greying image, customs is increasingly equipped with powerful digital […]

Can new technologies solve the problems of the Supply Chain

Les nouvelles technologies

Can new technologies solve the problems of the Supply Chain In recent years, the continuous arrival of new technologies has opened up more opportunities in the supply chain. In the midst of a pandemic, let’s zoom in on two promising concepts.   Investing in specific technologies can be key to making the supply chain more […]

Why AI is the best way to strengthen the supply chain

Why AI is the best way to strengthen the supply chain The global economy is subject to upheavals that highlight the problems affecting the supply chain, impacting its entire organization, from the factory to the consumer, as well as inventory management.   The problem   The Ever Given incident blocked 12% of world trade and […]